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Kelly Dooley tells the story of EntrepreneurshipIPA’s founder.

Body Rock Sport was started by Kelly Dooley, a passionate social activist and businesswoman; Stiletto Woman selected as the 2012 Startup Fashion Company of the Year an athletic brand. She has now established Kelly Dooley Official, a brand-new lifestyle online business that sells original and cutting-edge goods for men and women who value originality.

Kelly has procured herself a standing as an imaginative virtuoso in the style and wellness industry. She is renowned for her innovative and highly creative ideas.

Kelly Dooley is a role model for aspiring business owners. She was born and raised in Orange County, and she is a skilled and imaginative entrepreneur who established her first company, BodyRock Sport, in 2010. When she was selected for a marathon at the age of 26, she had the business idea. Kelly was unable to locate a pockets-equipped sports bra that was both fashionable and useful for the competition. She used her inherent proclivity and unwavering spirit to establish the activewear company and create something original and useful.

She changed the way fitness, fashion, and utility were defined when she created sports lingerie that was encrusted with Swarovski crystals and featured pockets and other novel features. She became a well-known innovator in the industry. She has a remarkable ability to come up with ground-breaking ideas that helped her achieve success.

Kelly stands out from other entrepreneurs due to her inventiveness and liberating way of thinking. She didn’t ever tell anyone about her thoughts or ideas, and she didn’t think that society’s subconscious programming worked.

The energetic business person is engaged and committed to developing Luxury Marking Haus, Luxury Defiance Styling Haus, and Expert’s Rundown. The full-service creative company was founded on the premise that a successful brand is defined by innovation, luxury, and strategies.

Kelly has a delightful little girl whom she thinks of her as main thrust. Her primary objective is to provide customers, employees, and business partners with the insightful insight and direction they need to successfully launch an innovative brand.

Kelly is dedicated to making dreams come true. She teaches people how to defeat predators and pursue their dreams through her career, which is the pinnacle of success.

Kelly’s business advice: As a startup owner, you should learn to QUESTION EVERYTHING. However, when someone quotes you a price, try not to overthink it; instead, conduct research because there is always room for negotiation. She urges new businesses to exercise caution when spending money on promises.

Effect and Mission of Kelly’s Business as a
Lady Business visionary
Enabling ladies has forever been Kelly’s chief goal. As a successful businesswoman and a single parent, her life is full of amazing experiences. She motivates millions of women to believe in themselves and never give up on their goals.

Her daughter has white and black ancestors, so she always collaborates or works with startups owned by black people. In addition, Kelly is an excellent advocate for mental health and domestic violence, ensuring that she assists individuals in overcoming depression and isolation.

Kelly’s entrepreneurial drive was passed down to her from her father, who died when she was seven years old. Kelly learned over time that anyone who truly wants to be something should be fearless. You can only be weakened by social norms. It is essential to ignite your passion, which will allow you to fly high and shield your entrepreneurial wings.



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