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How I Started My Own Business: In the background With Jason Kwan

Entrepreneurship is frequently portrayed as a challenging but rewarding journey. Usually not for the weak-hearted. A common social media post that depicts this journey features a bar chart with a lot of downward trends and negative thoughts that go along with them, followed by periods of highs and positivity until success is finally achieved. This is generally the situation for some business people, and difficulties make the excursion beneficial. The Pearl West Group’s Chairman and President, Jason Kwan, is no exception. He examines with us how he turned into a business person.
Growing Up in a Chinese Family If you’ve ever read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, you know the Chinese family’s traditional values, like going to school, getting an education, and being a good employee. This was a detailed account of Jason Kwan’s reality. Growing up, I had very little exposure to entrepreneurship. Other than that, my family does not have a lot of entrepreneurial spirit. My uncle owned a Chinese restaurant. I didn’t have any mentors who convinced me to go into business.
Jason was raised by his mother after his father passed away when he was young. He refers to her as having a belief in “the traditional way of success.” She stressed the significance of achieving high grades and pursuing careers as engineers or doctors. However, his inquisitive nature led him to a novel route that would soon become his reality.
“I was extremely fortunate to enter the entrepreneurial world. I began reading books about achieving financial independence and gradually moved on to books about starting a business. In order to pursue this path, I made the decision to skip school,” Kwan stated. a choice that his mother didn’t like, but she accepted because she knew how good he was.
At the age of 17, Kwan started his first business after devouring books and courses on online marketing and Google AdWords. When he realized that there was a demand, he established a digital advertising agency. At the time, many large corporations neglected online advertising platforms, and there were few agencies that specialized in online channels. I contacted local businesses and inquired about the availability of online marketing services. The businesses in the area were skeptical. It was difficult to persuade them of the advantages of online advertising.
He quickly began to take advantage of the novelty of online advertising, which offered lower costs than traditional advertising, as soon as he started to gain the confidence of his customers. “Eventually, I started generating leads and sales for other industries with a wider audience reach, like the beauty, health, and dating space. When I first started working for them, many of them were little-known direct response companies. In this space, I made a lot of great friends and met some amazing, kind people. I started taking care of more and more clients and trying out new advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, which at the time was a very basic platform.
How the Pearl West Group Was Formed Jason says that before starting a new business, he worked in a digital advertising agency for ten years. I thought I had enough business and marketing knowledge to try other things, and I wanted to build something that could grow quickly.”
The Pearl West Group was formed in this manner. We established Pearl West Group with the intention of strategically acquiring Amazon-seller brands. We chose businesses on Amazon because Amazon’s marketplace is organically growing every year, with an increasing number of people using eCommerce and Amazon being the best e-commerce platform. Additionally, we believed that these kinds of businesses matched our prior knowledge and expertise.”
At the Pearl West Group, Jason and his team are concentrating on acquiring additional Amazon businesses that match its profile and demonstrate profitability. He wants to make the company one of the eCommerce platform’s top 10 sellers. He finishes up by saying, “we need to be 1 of the main 10 venders on Amazon, have incredible brand openness through other direct-to-customer channels, and, all the more significantly, have loads of good times making it happen.”



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