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$hock medusa’s journey of azquiring fame is amazingly inspiring

A name that is completely ready to change into a brand in itself, $hock Medusa is a shocking new hip-skirt expert party genuinely thought out plan of thought start with one side of the planet then onto the going with. Getting some specific improvement for changing clear stages, the music being incited by him is a consequence of his specific standing and plans.

Having moved beyond a quarter million perspectives on Spotify alone, and with presents picking an overall point of view in single digits on is virtual redirection profiles, especially Instagram, he has proactively drawn in 20,000 embellishments. In any event, shocked the news is him moving to the dais startlingly early:

From Shakor to $hock Medusa:

Brought into the world on 26 Jan 1995, as “Shakor”, at the Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York on, his name conveyed an impression of being a closeness with that of the hip-weave legend-” Tupac Shakur,” it came as unquestionably clear, with Shakor being impacted by the hip-skirt world. “Shakor” all through a really wide timeframe portrayed into “$hock,” a moniker given by mates near Shakor. Too, “Medusa” was presented as another new turn of events, almost, the diagram of the expert $hock Medusa.

Truly impacted by the music business since a truly associated with age, he was unequivocally impacted and enchanted by the experts like 50 Cent, maybe of his most guaranteed melodic impact. While others of his age took part in hated issues, $hock Medusa at the focal age of 12 started his calling, performing bound scope gigs and DJing. $hock Medusa commits and credits a lot of his melodic impact beginning from his old locale, Brooklyn, New York.

In any case, that was a titanic beginning for what expected to spread out. In 2013, during his discretionary school, the quintessential level of endpoints he had gotten, drove him to get the general talking at first paid gig as a performer. This specific the essential stage for him making him to sort out his proposed worth.

Entering discretionary school, he genuinely had an improvement imagined for the space he expected to work around redirection, music, and plan. From that point forward, he has been working unflinchingly to give his gifts to the world. His affinities have driven him all through his moving to the top as he investigates the music business.

The impacting Career:

$hock Medusa, at last having gotten the blue express interest of interest, vouching for his conspicuous quality, has other than amassed staggering appreciation for his specific end and authority. A result of his making notoriety is the truly taking off fan following.

With importance beating key, he has been extended length saw as a boss informed power, being truly picked streaming stages like Spotify, close by a lot of made occasion the hip-skirt world, for a beginning. Not keeping himself to being an entertainer, Shakor has been a remarkable event business visionary too. Having conveyed 30 singles on a general level what’s really having helping different clear master, he has been showing limit like no other.

Being a business visionary with a first in class point of view, he is the pioneer behind TheRealShockTV, a general redirection stage raising redirection and music creation. It fills in as a stage through which he shares his creative cerebrum by working close by celebs and performers.

Therealshocktv’s; notoriety take off in 2016 when $hock Medusa started talking with the late hip-avoid virtuoso AD the General. While visiting together, $hock Medusa worked after a short time with AD the General all through the creation and changing of her music accounts.

At the present time, $hock Medusa most recent summer discharge “ENERGY MAN” has impacted his fans, getting goliath number of streams.The globe holds down to notice such a limit move to shocking levels.


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