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About Ajkune Ahmetaj

Ahmetaj is a popular and absolute first Albanian beautician who empower herself to foster her unmistakable hair shading, cleanser items, and lipstick. A great many people depend on and think about their cantina as a wellspring of solace for taking care of oneself. They additionally keep professionals in their cantina and offer important types of assistance to individuals.

Early Life

Ajkune Ahmetaj was brought into the world in Kosovo and a couple of years after the fact she moved to Switzerland. There she started her profession as a stylist and she likewise did a beautician course for a very long time. After finish of her course, she opened her most memorable salon in Switzerland.

Venture towards fam

At the point when Ahmetaj opened her cantina in Switzerland than because of her skill in the field she immediately rose to notoriety as a professional Albanian stylist. In the year 2017, she declared that she had finished styling preparing with notable popular beautician Mounir.

The blondie began working with well known famous people, vocalists which incorporate Elvana Gjata, kida, Tyna, and Dafina zeqiri. She becomes well known because of her aptitude in coloring, hair style, and facial items. Because of Ahmetaj’s delightful work, she roused numerous vocalists and stars and they began heading towards her cantina to get their optimal work.

Ajkune joint effort with a couple celebs and performers made it at the highest point of its styling industry. The blonde beautician Ahmetaj additionally worked with VIPs who are notable among the crowd. These incorporate,


Dafina zeqiri


Alvana Gjata

She likewise began her masterclasses to fabricate and, give styling, coloring cantina the executives abilities for enthusiastic individuals with the progression of time the business of Ajkune Ahmetaj has developed, and presently it is a gigantic industry named Ajkune Professional GmbH.

Ajkune professional GmbH industry

Ajkune professional GmbH was established in 2015. The proprietor of this industry is Ajkune Ahmetaj. Ajkune professional GmbH is situated in is by and large the piece of hair care administrations industry. All across its areas, Ajkune professional GmbH has just three representatives altogether. This industry is producing around 165,300 bucks in deals. This nation has finished its 6 years and become famous in an exceptionally less time. It has no branches.

Ahmetaj’s Training and ability building program

Presently because of her ability in this field of expansions, hues, and coloring, she has chosen to open her masterclasses program for enthusiastic individuals and ought to impart her aptitude and information to individuals who need to become beauticians or expert the strategies of styling or coloring. She additionally let them work with her on the off chance that they ace her classes and functions as professionals.

Her ability building and preparing group comprises of professionals who hathe s aptitude, important information, and abilities to prepare individuals. Ahmetaj’s masterclasses preparing group empowers their understudies to clean their characteristics and advance according to their enthusiasm and empower them to offer their important types of assistance to individuals once they ace them.

Other than this Coiffeur Ajkune proposition and welcome subsequent to completing their total preparation, allowing them to get familiar with the procedures and work with the group of their professional and specialists.

Ajkune’s Social Media impact

Lately Ajkune has made a swirling via web-based entertainment with superstars and artists giving its high level styling administrations and open doors. According to

Ahmetaj, these days online entertainment is an integral asset for marketing_ something which is dominated by ajkune’s professionals. Via virtual entertainment, students will get to be aware of the use of it for preparing. Because of Ajkune endeavors and the most recent style of its image, it turns into the subject of conversation on Instagram and in numerous papers.

The proprietor herself has a colossal fan following and organization via virtual entertainment with a close by 1.2 million fan following this blondie has on her Instagram. The professionals of the Ajkune brand have amassed and make a fan following of neighboring 376,000 on this foundation of virtual entertainment.

Primary concerns

Ajkune Ahmetaj’s industry is developing quickly. It has an immense horde of females. It is a center for present day styling. Presently this industry is teaming up with other styling administrations supplier ventures. This industry has become because of the excited endeavors of its proprietor Ahmetaj and her mastery in her field.

This industry is additionally arranging preparing and ability creating programs for energetic individuals and expects to empower their clients to have a similar energy and calling. This industry is assisting numerous with earning enough to pay the bills and offering them chance to pick up styling with specialists.

This industry has a brilliant future regardless, it is notable in the majority of the nations. Its Owner Ajkune Ahmetaj imagined to develop her industry subsequently the fantasies work out.


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